Fresh Fruit and Veg

fresh local vegetablesWe source vegetables and fruit from local suppliers:
Dapto Community Farm in Dapto
– pesticide-free seasonal vegetables

Green Connectin Warrawong
– organic vegetables and fruit/veg boxes (see below)

Glenbernie Orchard in Darkes Forest
– apples, stone fruit

Popes Produce in Woonona
– salad greens

Moonacres Farm at Fitzroy Falls
– certified organic seasonal vegetables and fruit

We supplement our local supply with organic produce from the Sydney markets, this comes in late Thursday afternoons.

Green Connect Veg Boxes

Green Connect veg boxes

Sign up for local, seasonal, organic fruit and/or veg each week

Green Connect sells a weekly Veg Box packed with local, seasonal and chemical-free food. It’s the delicious way to support food that is good for those who eat it, those who grow it and the planet.

Green Connect is a social enterprise, a different kind of business, who employ former refugees and young people in jobs that make the planet better.

With their veg box they grow jobs at their farm in Warrawong, and help build a fair, sustainable and resilient food system.

As a Veg Box subscriber, each week you’ll get a range of different herbs and veg that change week-to-week. Before each season starts Green Connect will let you know what to expect (and let you exclude a couple of things you don’t want).

Veg Boxes

Each week you’ll get a range of seasonal, organic herbs and vegetables that change week to week, including:

  • Onions, and other alliums like leek
  • Potatoes and other root veg like carrot and beetroot
  • Leafy greens like kale and lettuce
  • Flowering veg like tomato and zucchini
  • Legumes like beans and peas
  • Herbs like parsley and basil

Veg boxes are available in two sizes: regular (feeds 2-4) and small (feeds 1-2).

  • A regular Veg Box $40 per week
  • A small Veg Box $24 per week
Delivery Options
  • Pick up from the farm in Warrawong – no charge
  • Pick up from the Co-op for an extra $5 per week – boxes available 5pm-7pm on Thursdays
  • Have your box delivered to your home if you live between Windang and Bellambi for an extra $5 per week

To order, sign up online here, or just call Green Connect on 4243 1537 or